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A Fence is far more than just a barrier, used in imaginative way it can become an architectural feature, that blends well with the style of your home or business. A landscape element that enhances the appearance of your property.

A Falcon Fence is designed and built to the customers requirements. All sections are differant all tastes are differant. So at Falcon Hammersley we listen to you, and construct what you want. The advantage we have over a kit system is that we are not restricted by the manufactures design. We manufacture each panel to your requirements, we don't have a standard size to restrict us. We can even bend the panels to give you a radius if you want where as a kit panel would give you straight lines. The biggest advantage with a Falcon fence is that we weld the fence up making it a solid fence panel, we deliver it as a solid panel and insall it for you.

When it comes to fencing, get it made to order and fit for purpose.

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All Falcon Fences are made to order, we do not manufacture a diy kit, this allows us to offer a strong fully welded solution.


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